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On December 10/11, 2016, we went to a temple near Mysore and below are some photos:

Once I reached home from office, four of us left in our car around 2-30 pm and reached Malgudi hotel

This hotel is famous for the themes of old village environment

We reached Mysore after a brief pit stop at Kirangur where we had darshan of Anandalwar and had some Puliyogare. Next day morning we left Mysore at 7 am and reached Belur at 11 am.

This may be an idol of Vishnu as we can see conch, discuss and mace (Shanka-Chakra-Gada-PaNi)

Though we did not have a guide, we heard some people discussing the statues. This looks like Narasimha

My daughter is sitting beside the Hoysala Dynasty Symbol (a man fighting with a tiger)

My daughter is teaching me portrait photography by making my mom turn her head to one side and turning her head towards other side

Mobile photo camera inside a camera

Stone carvings all around

Selfie time

Upon the stone steps of the Belur temple

Temple top in the background

My daughter wanted this picture of her jumping in the air

Looks like Varaha (the boar form of incarnation of Vishnu)

I thought that this was the idol in which a frog was found by the sculptor jakkanachari

Smiling for selfie

Seems to me Shiva is dancing in stone

my wife says this is Arjuna aiming to catch the revolving fish with his bow/arrow

Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara

Halebid about 15 kilometers away from Belur is more beautiful

who would ampute a stone statue?

Bull near Halebid

I liked this idol in dancing posture

My daughter posing in deep meditation stance inside a small temple like structure

Temple at Belur and Halebid require hours to view in detail

This is the most famous shila balike at Belur. I overheard a guide explaining with a mirror (reflecting sunlight onto the image) that a monkey is being denied grapes to make it look sad to represent the sad posture of the lady of the house looking into a mirror

We left Halebid at around 2 pm and reached Hassan to have lunch at a hotel.
From Hassan to our home in Bangalore the distance is around 190 kilo meters (per Google Maps). On way near Chennarayapattana, we saw that Shravanabelagola was just 17 kilometers away and paid a quick two hour visit.
After some more photoshoots, we reached Bangalore at around 9 and had dinner at a favourite hotel and reached home- safe and sound.:)