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The Landmark Forum- August 12 to 16, 2016, Bangalore:
Yesterday was my first day at the Forum Coaching conducted by Praveen Puri from Delhi. He had done Forum after 14 years of marriage and was now one of the 54 Forum leaders who conduct the coaching world over.
Below is my Day-1: Assignment
1. Look back through your life to discover for yourself your "rackets"
Well, I am not at liberty to use the names of the persons attending the Forum to maintain confidentiality. However, let me just use the first letter of the persons for the flow in my blog. Yesterday night, we were handed out a leaflet defining what a racket is and by the end of the session, the audience were in no doubt who were the racketeers. Ms.M sitting beside me was the most amazing person I had met because she helped me discover the subtle things I had missed in my racket.
Basically, my racket involved in the complaint that my wife called me a "Momma's boy". The payoffs I got from this racket was that I used to dominate my wife by justifying myself that I am loving her in a hurting way.

2. Share authentically with someone in your life a possibility that you have invented out of participating in the Landmark Forum in a way that leaves them touched, moved, or inspired by your having gotten that possibility.
I really shared. Though no touching was involved, the words she spoke did not leave any doubt in my mind whether she was moved or inspired, when she said "Did you have to attend the Landmark Forum to know that you had hurt me?"

3. Write a letter to someone you have been inauthentic with or have been running a racket on. Share with them the possibility you have invented authentically. Be willing to acknowledge having been inauthentic and the impact that has had in your life.
Dear so and so,
>/b> What I came to The Landmark Forum to accomplish is to gain some insights into leadership skills to get elevated in the corporate ladder.
What I am actually accomplishing is that I am thinking about all the BS (short for bullsh!t)that I have surrounded myself to alienate me from my loved ones, that is you. I am willing to give up the past behind me to embrace a new world.
The possibility that I have invented for myself and my life is the possibility of being truthful in my relationships and reminding myself about all the stories that the mind can think up of over nothing that has actually happened.
Your genuine words today opened my inner eyes to the huge possibilities of attaining peace and tranquil. I will acknowledge your concerns and actually behave gentlemanly.
Request you to please remind me if any sidestep any genuine concerns.
I extend my heartfelt invitation to you to be able to accompany me to attend the last day session of The Landmark Forum on Tuesday August 16, 2016.
Lovingly yours,
(cannot affix my digital signature in a html/php document)

What is the goal of a human being on earth? (to be told in shorter sentence- who am I?).

The answer depends upon the thinking capacity of each individual. Say, one of my colleague may say that he/she may want to become an established advocate and retire rich.
Other colleagues may not differ greatly from this answer. If I were to ask the same question to any other student or employee,
I am sure that the answer would be to retire rich and no more.

However, you have to ask the same question to a different set of individuals I met over last weekend (September 12-13, 2015),
who would undoubtedly say that the goal of human being is to attain Moksham or enlightenment so that there is no rebirth on earth.
Let me give a brief introduction to the group I am referring to:... (interested to read more? click here).

Oh Lord. I had wasted my life in going after the short time pleasures offered by the materialistic world,
but now I have realised the knowledge of great mantra of "Om Namo Narayanaya", through the grace showered by the Lord for uplifting my soul

The above is the translation of the words (Vadinen Vadi) I accidentally read at 2-45 am on October 18, 2015. It very nearly applied to me as well. So what was I doing so early in the morning? Read more here.

On the occassion of birthday of Mudal Alwars, had an occassion to participate in temples around Kanchiread more